Ministry Team

Markus Dünzkofer

Markus Dünzkofer - Rector

A native of Germany, Markus first spent time abroad in his teens as a high school student in Evansville, IN, USA. After graduating from Gymnasium in Germany, he went on to study English and social science, and eventually theology at the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), at the University of Edinburgh, and at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, USA. He holds the degrees of Master of Theology (Edinburgh, 1994) and Master of Divinity (Seabury-Western, 1998). While studying at New College, Markus lived at Coates Hall and attended St Ninian’s, Comely Bank. 

Originally a Roman Catholic, Markus spent some time as a Lutheran and was received into the Anglican Communion in the Diocese of Chicago. After graduating from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Markus completed a year of Clinical Pastoral Education and worked as a hospital chaplain at RUSH-Presbyterian-St Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago, IL, USA. Markus was ordained deacon and priest by the Episcopal Bishop of Chicago and served St Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, IL, USA as Associate Rector for five years. In 2004, Markus transferred to the Diocese of New Westminster and became Incumbent of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada where he stayed until the end of 2012.

Stephen Holmes

Stephen Holmes - Associate Rector

Stephen was born in Kent and first came to Scotland to study for an MA in Medieval History at St Andrews University. Having been brought up in the Church of England, he became a Roman Catholic at the end of his second year and, after teacher training at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and a couple of years teaching history, entered the Benedictine Abbey of Pluscarden near Elgin. While a monk Stephen served as Novice Master, worked at various forms of manual labour, and obtained a degree in Divinity from the Pontifical University of Maynooth (Maryvale Institute). He was ordained deacon and priest in 2004, taught theology at Maryvale and published a book on Basil of Caesarea.

After eighteen years as a Benedictine, Stephen decided to leave the monastery in 2008 and came to Edinburgh where he returned to the Scottish Episcopal Church. He completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, which has been published as ‘Sacred Signs in Renaissance Scotland’ (OUP 2015), is an Honorary Fellow at the University School of Divinity and also teaches at the Scottish Episcopal Institute. While in Edinburgh Stephen served as a priest at Old St Paul’s and at St Margaret’s, Easter Road before coming to St John’s in 2014 where he is particularly involved with worship and music, work with the homeless, faith formation, the Cornerstone Bookshop, and the church staff. In addition to his work as a priest, Stephen enjoys music, English poetry, Scottish history and Italian food. 

Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper - Curate

I am the youngest of five children, I was raised as a Roman Catholic and as soon as left school I left the religious stuff behind. I still believed in the holy trinity, but just not the way I was taught. I started attending the R.C. Church again when I became an unmarried single parent, but even then it was only so that my son, Derek, could be taught about our amazing God. I found the Scottish episcopal church about 12 years ago and I have never looked back. I met my husband, Andrew, at church and we were married during a regular Sunday service in 2007. I work for a catering staffing agency as a waitress and I love my job. There is a constant change in staff, and I am very vocal about my faith. This leads to the most incredible conversations and I will continue to work after my ordination as this is a big part of my ministry.

Kenneth Boyd

Kenneth Boyd - Team Priest

Kenneth Boyd has been a non-stipendiary member of the St John's ministry team since 1987, when as a Minister of the Church of Scotland he received permission to officiate from the Bishop of Edinburgh. Born and brought up in Easter Ross and educated there and at Edinburgh University, he worked after graduation for the Student Christian Movement, where he met his wife Pat, and after ordination as a University Chaplain. He is now Professor of Medical Ethics in the Edinburgh University College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. He is also an elder of St Cuthbert's Parish Church and, whenever possible, a member of the congregations of the Leith-Lyvennet parishes of the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

Clephane Hume

Clephane Hume – Team Priest

Clephane has been at St John’s most of her life! She was an Occupational Therapist in the field of mental health, clinically, and then as a lecturer at Queen Margaret University. She was ordained deacon in 1992 and priest in 1994. The two professions combine happily in her pastoral work. After retiring from secular work she found a committee position which enabled her to travel extensively, thus combining her interest in international development with a love of travel and photography.

Sarah Kilbey

Sarah Kilbey – Team Priest

Deaconed in 1992 at St Columba-by-the-Castle, Priested in 1995 at St Martin of Tours, Edinburgh, Sarah joined the Ministry team at St John’s in 2011 where she continues her work as Bishop’s Chaplain with deafened and hard of hearing people. (She has had a hearing loss since her teens and is now profoundly deaf) After graduating in Political Science she spent 25 years initiating and developing a lipreading service for Lothian Region for which she was awarded the MBE. She leads an informal church service for deaf people on the first Monday in the month. A fanatical swimmer, cyclist and walker, she also enjoys poetry, novels and Current Affairs. Married to Brian, a molecular geneticist, they have four children and three grandchildren.

Eileen Thompson

Eileen Thompson - Team Priest

Eileen joined St John's in the early 1990s when studying practical theology at New College. Much of her career has been spent working with and for the church overseas, as linguistics advisor for the United Bible Societies, and as Communication Secretary/Director for Council for World Mission. This has taken her (professionally) to 21 countries and over 30 denominations so she is ecumenical to her finger tips. Although a cradle Anglican, it seemed a natural progression to be ordained in the united churches of South Asia. She was made deacon in Church of Bangladesh and presbyter in Church of South India where she spent 11 years. On returning to UK, it was a wrench to be attached to a single traditional denomination and she was sent to Livingston Ecumenical Parish where she was a CofS, Methodist and URC minister as well as an episcopal priest. In 2013 she retuned to St John's which had been her spiritual support whilst overseas. She loves being immersed in SEC liturgy and life, though she still works ecumenically.

Eileen still enjoys travelling, is a keen photographer, reads voraciously and enjoys the cultural feast Edinburgh has to offer.