Cornerstone Centre at St John's: A new community hub in the heart of Edinburgh

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The word ‘Cornerstone’ has long been associated with St John's. It reflects our geographical location but also the idea of the church and the whole building as being a lynchpin for so many people, activities and organisations. Follow us on Twitter @churchofstjohn  and find us on Facebook St John's Episcopal ChurchTo keep up to date on our progress, sign up for updates by email. 


The new centre would not be possible without the support of our congrgregation, individuals and businesses in Edinburgh and beyond. Sharing the church’s ethos, the Cornerstone Centre will be a vibrant, open, welcoming space for individuals, community groups and local organisations alike. It will provide a multi-purpose venue that facilitates our engagement with an ever-changing world, in thoughtful and compassionate ways. 

New facilities will include:

The Hall: The Hall will become much more flexible allowing for the creation of smaller or larger spaces to meet the needs of the charitable groups and businesses that will come here. 

The Terrace: The Terrace will also become an inviting space for the Cornerstone Bookshop, Cafe and One World Shop. This and the Hall will be the heart of the revitalised building, putting into reality the idea of an ancient Greek 'Agora' or marketplace. A space open to everyone, a place for the exhange of ideas, enhancing the enjoyment of all who come here.  

Loos: These new amenities are much needed by staff, clergy, worshippers, support groups, performance attendees, artists, and visitors alike. 

Accessibility: A new central staircase and a lift will connect all parts of the building, making it fully disability friendly.  

Office Space: A mezzanine floor will be added, providing new desk space for hire for charitable organisations as well as improving our staff’s working conditions.  

Heating: The boiler has been upgraded, making the building more fuel efficient and kinder to the environment.

Please take the time to explore our other pages about the Cornerstone Centre and consider supporting the project which will benefit the lives of thousands of people. Contact Kerrigan Bell, Development Manager for further details (, or to enquire how you or your company may help.